Mobile Game of the Week – Dreii

Intrigue and confusion sums up this week’s chosen mobile game – Dreii by Etter Studio. Play as an unusual and unidentifiable character whilst stacking geometric shaped blocks. Sounds simple enough but the execution of this peculiar little game definitely left me baffled.

Dreii is an online multiplayer puzzle game that utilizes the laws of physics in a realistic way. This can either be completely satisfying or completely frustrating. You can’t fault the effort and thought that has gone into these puzzles though. There’s something quite slick about the way the character moves and lifts the blocks. The design is minimal but flawless and the intrigue is something that is prevalent throughout the entire game play.

One very cool feature is the multiplayer. While your little avatar is struggling with large blocks, other players can join your level and help to build your tower. Described as a “social experiment,” players work to solve a problem with little to no communication other than watching each other move on screen.

Laws of physics aside, the movement and the controls can feel rather clumsy on a small smartphone screen. You can appreciate the thought process but it doesn’t come across that well on a mobile app. So if you were to buy this game, I’d recommend the PC version if you’re willing to splash the extra cash.

The game also works well for single players, but the full multiplayer experience is what the developers have really focused on and it’d be great if there were more app games with a multiplayer focus like this!

Dreii is available on the app store and Google Play as well as Steam, PS4, Playstation Vita and the Wii U.



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