MTV Website Takeover

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Mi worked closely with Driven and MEC to drench the MTV homepage with Vimto. Making this idea happen involved all our various skills – the CGI for the banners was created by modelling, rigging and animating the fruit assets and car model. A live action green screen shoot was carried out, with the footage being dropped into production animatics. All …

Psoriasis Awareness – Motion Graphics

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People with Psoriasis can suffer far more than just the visual symptoms. This motion graphics piece, which we developed with Creative Lynx, tells a story of the unseen effects of the condition. Written to raise awareness and to convince doctors to refer patients to specialist dermatologists, the film was produced mainly in After Effects. Related Projects:

Drive SMART – Visual Effects

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We were tasked by Production North to create some visual effects for a hard-hitting TV ad for Drive Smart. (A joint initiative between Surrey County Council and Surrey Police). The spot, conceived and directed by Phil Tune features a teenager being goaded into dangerous driving by his friends. Our task was to make this idea happen in a relatively short …

‘The Chemists’ Music Video VFX

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Here is our music video vfx and teaser starring Richard E Grant. It’s a simple story; man wants girl, man held back by power cable, man follows cable through club, man turns into robot – a common everyday tale. Once again, we have to thank a huge amount of people who gave a lot of time to make this idea …

Mrs Peppercorn – Visual Effects

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Mrs Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room is an ambitious short film produced in the North West by Black Lake Films. We helped this idea happen by producing a few visual effects along with other CGI studios. The film received its first showing at BAFTA in London. Related Projects:

NASCAR The Game: Pack art

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After producing the trailer for NTG 2011 we were also asked to create the cover art. A spectacular corner at the Bristol Stadium was chosen for the location, we then simply added in the racing pack and rendered away. Related Projects:

Man United – Visual Effects

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This is a little viral we made with Creative Spark. It was conceived to subtly promote Manchester United Soccer Schools, and yes, of course it’s fake. Filmed with an army of very helpful volunteers (a big thanks to all the parents and kids), the action all took place in one take. Well, one take after about 30 attempts. It eventually …

Cbeebies – Animation

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We have been working with London production company, Rubber Studios, to create a 30 second opening animation for the popular programme, Get Set Go on the BBC’S children’s channel, CBeeebies. In the Get Set Go clip, which is being shown at 7 am every weekday, live action from presenters Sid Sloane and Andy Day shows them “Getting Set” for the day …

ahd168 Robot – Animation

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It hasn’t been the cheeriest of times eh? The papers full of doom and gloom; projects canceled, work slowing down, and people generally being a tad mopey. So we decided to produce a viral animation which reflected the times – ahd168 is a robot who has fallen on tough times. So far his sad story has been viewed over 100,000 times on …