PS4 Dynamic Themes

We had the kit… and it had just been one of those weeks where we wanted to push ourselves that bit more.

This lead to the R and D into PS4 Dynamic Themes, currently we are creating PS4 dynamic themes related to specific games (pre-order bonus themes are becoming quite popular as a carrot). As well as some lovely developers just want to give that bit more to their fans and customers as a thank you. Check out the theme we created for Until Dawn.

At present The Europe Store has only game related content, but The U.S. PlayStation store has some truly weird and wonderful themes, but nothing really seems to capture the dynamic nature achievable, they are all “Ken burns” cameras.
So we set about making a homage to Sesame Street’s Pinball counting, (showing my age) with a bit of PlayStation flavour thrown in for good measure. There is a definite knack and a few tricks to getting the most out of the gpu budgets!
We hope to get this up on the U.S. PlayStation store soon as they are pretty fun to create. We can see them going the way of the PS3 themes with some great original content and movie tie ins surely already in the pipeline. From a marketing point of view, sitting on the background of someone’s PS4 constantly in the living room has to be appealing.

Drop me a line if your a developer thinking you might need one of these for your game. (We know your too busy with the game to do these!).

Adam Dickinson
Production Director

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