Filthy Lucre Launch Trailer

Filthy Lucre – Strategy Heist game from Manchester developer Fabrik Games.

Often at Mi we create work for clients that we can never show – the perfectionists at Fabrik Games had us guessing for a while on Filthy Lucre if they would ever stop improving this cracker of a game.

We helped the guys out way back with some mood setting x-movies, in game intro / outro renders and motion graphics … and some of that has made it into the launch trailer, we’re pleased to say!

Reminiscent of The Getaway meets Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, you play the game tactically or all guns blazing, something you cannot really do in games such as Hitman.

Filthy Lucre gives you the gear and gadgets to pull off the ultimate steal. Can you get in, do the job and get out? This is your heist, your way.

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