Filthy Lucre – Reveal Teaser – PS4

We’ve recently collaborated with Fabrik Games on a new game slated for Playstation 4 & PC this summer – Filthy Lucre!

Filthy Lucre sees you infiltrating Britain’s criminal underground to help to take out a rival gang’s operation. It’s the first title from independent Fabrik Games, headed up by games industry veteran Graeme Ankers.  As Fabrik CEO Graeme Ankers explained, they’ve “..created a game that allows you to dynamically choose how you want to play, without feeling constrained by the design.” This means that, if your original stealth plan fails, you can whip out your assault weapons and “..the game dynamically adapts to your play style, with cutting edge AI adjusting their approach.”

Collaborating on the project, we supplied motion graphics, trailers & cut-scenes. It’s a fantastic game concept and the guys at Fabrik are amazingly talented, not to mention a very unique blend of Mancs and Scousers working in harmony. Such vast experience from many studios brought together, you know this is going to be big – thanks for letting us play a small part guys!

Fabrik, which boasts developers who previously worked on DriveClub and Battlefield, also revealed that they have a second title in development right now, which we are more than excited about!

Check out the Reveal Teaser and read what Fabrik Games CEO Graeme Ankers has to say over at PlayStation Blog.

Adam Dickinson – Production and Development director – Mi

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