In the wars at E3


Right E3; where do you start? The big games, the big surprises, or the big omissions?

Let’s start when I got off the plane and discovered my knee had swollen to the size of Salford. Slightly worrying. After spending 5 hours in downtown L.A. Emergency room, I was war ready for the big event.

I had some speculative and some firm stuff which is always good, bumped into some old friends from EA Blackbox in Vancouver (Need for Speed Underground), and United Front. who have setup Jetpack interactive, watch out for those guys next year, they are REALLY good!

Games, okay so the obvious…

The last of us – epic; can anyone compete with Naughty Dog in this genre now?
Knowing games from inside; the industry is constantly trying to clone this quality and success, I think it’s time to look elsewhere guys, they have it sewn up. Indiana Jones for the Playstations generation just got older.

Beyond: Two Souls, again epic, I was lucky enough to share a few non-alcoholic cocktails (the boss reads this), with the designer from Quantic Dreams at a quiet little Sony party. Great game being made by some great guys, real edge of tech stuff, great to see in this climate, risky edgy development, awesome.

The surprises….
As a bit of a puzzler game fan I was glad to see Smart as for the Vita there, it looks like it will soak up a lot of my time and has so much depth that I think the type of games that claim to train you brain should be very worried. Even in its early state it look fantastic fun.

Watch dogs: Where did that come from? These end of console cycle games are making me think do we really need a new console yet?

The next GTA: Rockstar often skip a show, they don’t need it, let’s be honest, and sometimes it’s shrewd to miss the E3 “shouty” week, I was hoping Batman Arkham Asylum 2 would be there, no such luck.

Mi  games next focus…follow ups, finish our in production cinematics and then… Gamescom ahoy!


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