Mobile Game of the Week – Headshot Heroes

Football mobile games. They’re really dull to be honest. So this week, we chose one to review… Headshot Heroes. Typical stuff really – pass the ball between each player, unlock and upgrade teams, score a goal, decapitate heads…

It’s is all a bit barmy with its random selection of teams – sushi chefs, monsters, hipsters, secret agents, the list goes on. You unlock teams by collecting their heads and the more heads you collect; the more coins you earn to spend on upgrades. You can view your head collection in the heads menu, each in their own jar.

Why the aim is to behead the goalkeeper remains quite unknown, but it’s a hilarious twist that Chillingo have added to the football video game genre. 8bit graphics, a fun scoring systems, simple gameplay, crazy characters, pixelated blood, the lot.

On that note, let’s hope the Salford City lads’ heads stay firmly on during tonight’s match!

Headshot Heroes is free to download on the app store.

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