Mobile Game of the Week – Super Arc Light

You may or may not know that All 4 Games recently approached us and asked us to produce some game trailers for their new app game titles (you can read about that here). We felt very lucky to be working with such a great team at Channel 4 and thought we’d review one of their newest apps – Super Arc Light.

Super Arc Light is a fun one handed app game. With no introductory tutorial, it feels a little baffling but once you get into the rhythm of it, it turns out to be a fun shooter with some cool elements of classic arcade gaming. Much like Bizarre Creation‘s Geometry Wars, Super Arc Light is full of spinning shapes, vectors and various shooting styles.

This fantastically minimal game is like a slightly faster paced Asteroids. The aim being to shoot as many threatening shapes as possible before they get too close and blow you up. Tapping the screen will change your direction as you shoot so it requires some tactical thought particularly as the formation of enemies become more challenging.

The score continues to multiply as you progress. The faster you kill your enemies, the higher you score. It would be great if there was a health bar to give players more chances to multiply their score and progress further but overall it’s a fun challenge that doesn’t leave you overly frustrated.

Although minimal, Super Arc Light is executed with a smooth and crisp play style that’s as addictive as the classic retro games that inspired it.

Super Arc Light is available on the App Store and Google Play for £0.79.



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